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Metamorphosis was created by Robert St. John. He was born in England on May 21, 1914 and passed away in  Italy November 1,1996.  It was originally known as Prenatal Therapy.

Metamorphosis addresses the unconscious, underlying tension that arrives with us at the moment of our conception.  We all come to earth with differing levels of tension.  Our tension is felt and expressed in a myriad of ways. Overthinking, overeating, anxiety, depression, smoking, and any other behavior that you don't want to be engaged in but are!

Metamorphosis is a simple and gentle method enabling us to move out of our own way.

Robert, while studying reflexology, noticed that different maps of the feet all had positive results and came to the conclusion that intent had something to do with.  They were all designed differently yet they all provided positive results.

Using the power of intent, the Metamorphosis practitioner will feel for tension along the bony structure of your feet, hands, spine, and head. Through applying gentle touch the practitioner is shining a light communicating to your unconscious that this is where the tension is -you will begin to let go and your system will start to balance out.  

When I think about Metamorphosis and what I learned over the 5 years I spent studying it - is that it is a simple and profound way out of chronic patterns of behavior or emotional blocks that may be holding us back.  Engaging in Metamorphosis can help us let go of tension, grow, and change for the better!

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