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Healing Through Soles Foot Reflexology
A holistic solution.
 Whether the issue is physical, and you are experiencing pain, or emotional and you're seeking a way to relax and recharge, Reflexology can help!

Reflexology Therapy

Welcome! I offer Reflexology and Energy Work to leave you feeling renewed and relaxed. 


Reflexology is an ancient healing art working through specific points on the feet.        Reflexology improves circulation and lymphatic flow, brings about physical and emotional balance, and helps relieve all types of physical pain.  This includes muscular skeletal pain, hormonal issues, migraines, and much more. To learn more about Reflexology click here.

Candle in Hands

Metamorphosis is a self-healing art and philosophy using reflex points to address the unconscious tension that arrives within us at the moment of conception.  Metamorphosis eases tension at the most primary level of our being! To learn more about Metamorphosis click here.

Focused Mind

Enjoy a Blend - of Reflexology and Meta.  This session combines working your feet with the energy of Metamorphosis.  As your unconscious tension eases you will cease to create from a place of stress or tension allowing life to flow!

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